8 reasons brunettes are better than blondes


Every 20 minutes blonde hair women dye her hair going brunettes and leaves her hair blonde friend behind. OK, I cannot do this with statistics, but when you look at the glossies, you can see the blonde celeb jumping ship as they dissipate her mirror and restores your senses. Even the deepest of us are tempted to the sensual colored cocoa Barnett pattern and many good reasons.

Here some reasons why brunettes are better than blondes

  1. Brunettes ooze intellect

Brunettes are obviously very intelligent, but a minority that is not masked by the weak IQ and mind very poor common sense is highly effective. Hazel hues seem to be able to store important information. Anyone can see that even the popular celebrity  Kim Kardashian looks much smarter on the style than Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and let’s be honest.

  1. It’s cheap to be brunette

You do not have to worry about the roots when you are a brunette. But we always look expensive. There is no root for retouching and no coloring; it also has the uniqueness attached.

  1. Sweet like chocolate

Brunettes share shades with the nice things. There’s a good reason why brown hair and chocolate are similar to the tones. Brunettes are sweet and tasty.

  1. Reliable

To be brunette means beauty, Brunettes look reliable. Like in the sandy-haired movies they want to sleep with your boyfriend or kill their mom. If you get lost in the questionable area and meet the brunette hair lady, you never doubt that the extraordinary side of Ann Summers is going to be the best birthday – automatically assuming it belongs to God, right?

  1. Iconic blondes hit the bottle

Here the brunette has hidden under this famous blonde. For some women, they are undercover brunette – and that’s because of anyone that attractive needs the fundamental qualities of a brown-haired beauty first!

  1. Versatility and subtlety

Brunette is easy to find five minutes from the center of attention. We can break the bank and slide a busy street prey or glide into a small, sexy device and bring the audience to our mysterious glittering castles.

  1. Brunettes ooze class

The blonde hogging Media Friction has a blonde cover of Katie Hopkins and Miley Cyrus, but Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham’s wife have been flying the (very polished) flag for the brown-haired brigade.

  1. Brunettes earn and marry more

Of course, brunettes earn more than blondes, and men think that brunettes women are better wives. Well, yes and yes. They say that blondes are more fun, but if you want all your expensive country home with its beautiful people who want to take you to their teens, they throw a full tone.


Who said that the blonde was more fun than brunettes? Do you think you want to swim in the world of darkness? Today more and more women are ignorant of that fact! If you are one of those courageous souls, who is going to brunette toms up. Learn more details at http://www.resourcesforwomen.net/short-haircut-styles-women-will-love-that-will-make-them-look-years-younger/

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