The Prettiest Makeup Ideas For Winter 2018 to 2019

Today we are counting off to the prettiest makeup ideas for winter 2018 to 2019. We predict that winter 2018 to 2019 will be filled with lots of glow and shimmers but we might also say goodbye to some of our beloved makeup looks.

Peachy Pink Blush

Winter 2018 to 2019 makeup trends are all about peachy taupe shades. Designers gently warmed models faces with earthy tones in a bid to keep with the natural mood of the season. This is not quite pink and it is not quite tan, a warm peach is the best shade of the season. You can use the product in place of a contour and apply it to the hollow cheeks across the temple.

Dark Lips

This vampy lip is always a favorite during the fall and winter season because it creates a sexy yet alluring vibe that can only be seen during the colder months.

Bronze Hues

The bronze look at the perfect way to look like you just got back from an island vacation with a slight bit of a glow. The makeup kisses your eyes, lips, and your cheeks to create this trendy new look.

Colored Eyeliner

If you are looking for a fun way to make your eyes pop the colored eyeliner is definitely an answer. Look for shades of blue and purple to get a really sweet value with your eye color. Also, rainbow eyeliners can accentuate your natural eye color and brighten the eyes.

Black Eyeliner

From the days of Cleopatra black eyeliner has been a consistent go-to makeup trend in the beauty world. Black eyeliner is for good season and the red lipstick of the peepers. It can be sophisticated, classic or understated. And it can also be seductive, raucous, or provocative.

Pale Foundation

Fair-skinned people tend to go through a beat of a beating during the summer months. They usually end up in two camps in their quest for a perfect glow: self-tan streaked beyond recognition and hopelessly toasted. The winter makeup ideas can offer these beauties solace.

The Blues

When it comes to the color spectrum blue is the leader of the pack. It can be pastel and airy or tantalizing and midnight-deep. Perhaps it is its depth of character and fluidity that made designers to seek the color out for the winter 2018 to 2019 makeup trend. Check here.


For those who like to keep their eyes defined and their lines simple, this new winter 2018 to 2019 makeup trends beckons. Waterlined eyes allow you to define their natural shape and contour the eyes. The waterline can be evocative and moody if you want but they are an excellent way of wearing eyeliner subtly.

Glowing complexions

Well, when it comes to winter skin we’d never want to look dry cracked and rough so glowing skin is definitely a way to amp up your beauty routine and makes it look like you have perfect healthy skin. 

I hope you guys enjoy counting down the top winter makeup trends for this season.

Brunette hairstyles that prove blondes don’t have all the fun


Nowadays, the adage ‘brunette has some good times’ is really outdated. Stars like Bella Hadid, Dakota Johnson,andKiera Knightley are all the confirmation the world needs that women with brunette hairstyles have similarly as great a period as those with blonde hairstyles.


Okay, this is composed of a brunette. I’m one-sided. Be that as it may, all joking aside, rich dark colored tones can look similar in the same class as a bleach blonde, as celebrity main street has shown consistently. Take design head honcho Victoria Beckham for instance. Besides a short stretch as a blonde year back (we as a whole recollect her notable wedding pictures), VB is solidly a darker haired magnificence, regularly wearing her secures her mark updo. What’s more, she’s not by any means the only acclaimed brunette to work hair updos on the reg. Emma Watson and Kendall Jenner are additionally knowledgeable in the tastefulness of an up style for grants season, celebrity lane debuts and gatherings.

At that point obviously, there are the darker haired supermodels demonstrating that it’s never been about the blondes. Naomi Campbell’s smooth, dim tresses have been giving us life for decades now, while Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington,and Helena Christensen are symbols with regards to brunette hairstyles. What’s more, a large number of the Victoria’s Secret Angel squad are for the most part flying the banner for dark colored haired young ladies all over the place (expresses gratitude toward Adriana, Irina, Alessandra,and co).  Consider this your one-stop goal for dark colored hair motivation, from styling thoughts to shading patterns.

Hair Extensions – The Best Solution for Short Hair

Applying for hair expansions on short hair is a marginally trickier errand. In any case, we can furnish you with specific traps and tips that will enable you to increase finish learning about the right method to apply for the expansions. With these tips, your augmentations will look normal and nobody will ever have the capacity to think about them.

Cutting, Layering, and Trimming the Extensions

When you have purchased hair augmentations that match well with the shade of your common hair, at that point you have to layer, trim and trim your expansions as per the hairdo of your normal hair. The most ideal method for mixing hair expansions with short hair is layering. When you expect to transform your short hair into long bolts then every inch matters. In the event that you apply hair expansions to your short hair, without layering them, at that point this can make your hair look unnatural and identifiable. Layering and trimming to set your hairstyle will make a tremendous contrast. Read more.


Not a characteristic brunette? Make sure to utilize outstanding amongst other hair veils in any event once seven days to keep up its shading and gleam, and pick the best dry cleanser for dull hair to store in your magnificence weapons store for in the middle of days. This will keep your darker bolts as rich and glossy as would be prudent.

10 Steps that will Ensure you Nail Your at-home Hair Colour

Today I’m going to share some steps that will ensure you nail your at-home hair color. You know you need a color touch out when the ends of your hair are lighter than the roots and the reason for that is the ends are more porous so they tend to pick up more color from the last dye job.

Prep Your Hair

The first tip is to prep your hair by keeping it moisturized, so the night before skip shampoo and let the grease take over. What this will do is it will keep your lips moisturized so that the colors will sleep in evenly and also the natural oils will protect your skin from possible irritants in the dye.

Split Your Hair into 4 Equal Quadrants

If you have a long hair then you can easily miss a spot while you’re dyeing your hair so the next thing to do is to divide your hair into 4 equal quadrants and work with one section at a time. Split your hair in half and then split it again on each side, roll up each section of hair and secure them. If you wear jewelry, now is the best time to remove them because you don’t want the dye to stain or damage them, so remove your ear rings, rings, necklace and whatever you are wearing.

Apply Petroleum Jelly on the Skin

It is good to protect your skin when you are dyeing your hair, so to do this apply petroleum jelly along your hairline and what this will do is it will prevent the dye from staining your skin. If you are using box dye for the very first time stick with your true hues so go with two shades darker or lighter than your current hair color.

Mix the Dye Together

Almost all drugstore hair dye kits come with the same thing what you get is the developer, the cream, the conditioner, the pamphlet and the gloves. The instruction says you can just add the cream to the developer and shake the bottle but what I like to do is I like to pour everything into a mixing bowl so first pour in the developer, next break the seal with the opposite side of your cap and squeeze the cream into the mixture. Then grab your brush and mix them together and in order not to so stain your desk, it’s best to actually mix this away from anything white because if you get it on the white furniture it’s going to stain.

Put on Your Glove and Apply the Dye

Now that the mixture is ready you want to put on your gloves because even with the brush application this can still get messy. If you are dyeing your hair for the first time keep calm and start with the hairline, saturate your brush with a dye and apply this all over your hairline from the front to the back. This part is very important because if you were to tie your hair back into a high ponytail your hairline is going to show so getting a nice even coverage here is crucial.

Work on Each Section

Next it’s time to work on each section, so just brush your hair first to make sure it’s smooth and then apply the hair dye. When your hair is completely saturated you want to grab a wide toothed comb and brush it out. To evenly distribute the product, wrap your hair back up and put it into a button, release another section and repeat.

Release Your Hair and Gently Massage Your Scalp

After you are done with each section you want to release your hair and gently massage your scalp. This will generate heat and will also ensure that you get a nice even coverage. To further retain the heat, you can wrap a plastic bag around your head and this does help with the dyeing process. Another thing is if you’re going to walk around your house for twenty minutes you don’t want to get your furniture messy so doing this also prevents you from making a mess, so leave the dye in your hair for the recommended time after that wash your hair.

If you are looking for highlights on braids or even going for a dramatic color change then I highly recommend going to a professional. These are the steps you need to follow in order to ensure you nail your at-home hair color.

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8 reasons brunettes are better than blondes


Every 20 minutes blonde hair women dye her hair going brunettes and leaves her hair blonde friend behind. OK, I cannot do this with statistics, but when you look at the glossies, you can see the blonde celeb jumping ship as they dissipate her mirror and restores your senses. Even the deepest of us are tempted to the sensual colored cocoa Barnett pattern and many good reasons.

Here some reasons why brunettes are better than blondes

  1. Brunettes ooze intellect

Brunettes are obviously very intelligent, but a minority that is not masked by the weak IQ and mind very poor common sense is highly effective. Hazel hues seem to be able to store important information. Anyone can see that even the popular celebrity  Kim Kardashian looks much smarter on the style than Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and let’s be honest.

  1. It’s cheap to be brunette

You do not have to worry about the roots when you are a brunette. But we always look expensive. There is no root for retouching and no coloring; it also has the uniqueness attached.

  1. Sweet like chocolate

Brunettes share shades with the nice things. There’s a good reason why brown hair and chocolate are similar to the tones. Brunettes are sweet and tasty.

  1. Reliable

To be brunette means beauty, Brunettes look reliable. Like in the sandy-haired movies they want to sleep with your boyfriend or kill their mom. If you get lost in the questionable area and meet the brunette hair lady, you never doubt that the extraordinary side of Ann Summers is going to be the best birthday – automatically assuming it belongs to God, right?

  1. Iconic blondes hit the bottle

Here the brunette has hidden under this famous blonde. For some women, they are undercover brunette – and that’s because of anyone that attractive needs the fundamental qualities of a brown-haired beauty first!

  1. Versatility and subtlety

Brunette is easy to find five minutes from the center of attention. We can break the bank and slide a busy street prey or glide into a small, sexy device and bring the audience to our mysterious glittering castles.

  1. Brunettes ooze class

The blonde hogging Media Friction has a blonde cover of Katie Hopkins and Miley Cyrus, but Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham’s wife have been flying the (very polished) flag for the brown-haired brigade.

  1. Brunettes earn and marry more

Of course, brunettes earn more than blondes, and men think that brunettes women are better wives. Well, yes and yes. They say that blondes are more fun, but if you want all your expensive country home with its beautiful people who want to take you to their teens, they throw a full tone.


Who said that the blonde was more fun than brunettes? Do you think you want to swim in the world of darkness? Today more and more women are ignorant of that fact! If you are one of those courageous souls, who is going to brunette toms up. Learn more details at

Short Haircut Styles Women Will Love That Will Make Them Look Years Younger

Short Haircut Styles Women Will Love That Will Make Them Look Years Younger

Getting the best brunette hairstyles for women can be so important. Women of a certain age want to look younger and sometimes hair can play a crucial role within it! You might not think so but why don’t you try on a few wigs and see just how differently you look! A little change can make you look years younger and that will really be useful. However, which short haircut styles have the ability to make a woman look younger? Read on to find out a little more—you might be very interested in what you find!

The Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts for women are absolutely fantastic and they can work for you amazingly well! These are simple haircuts but they are very effective to say the least. Their style brings out the elegance and really makes you feel alive once again. You can really work with the pixie haircut and style however you like. That is one of the biggest and best reasons why so many people are looking into these haircuts than ever before. You really can find it works to your advantage too.

Short Haircut Styles Women Will Love That Will Make Them Look Years Younger

The Angled Bob Cut

Bobs are great and are becoming even more fashionable by the day and for some older women they can look a few years younger with the right bob cut. Angled bob cuts look great and really can compliment you in many ways. With this type of haircut you can look a few years your junior and that will absolutely make you feel great once again. The great thing about the angled bob cut is that you can have the angle as high or as low as you like. It’s a great option to say the least. Brunette hairstyles for women such as this can compliment you in many ways.

Always Compliment Your Face

What some women seem to forget is that they have a shape of face which can determine the type of cut which suits them and if the wrong haircut is found they might not like the results. You want to look more youthful which means you have to get the very best haircut for you today. Shorter haircuts can work but you have to ensure the haircut you choose is going to actually compliment the face rather than make it look older than what it is! The pixie haircuts for women might work for a lot of people but not you! You really have to think about what when it comes to choosing a new haircut.

Choose Wisely

When you want to look a little more youthful the type of hairstyle and haircut you choose can make all the difference in the world! Yes, people often think they need to stick to certain hair styles but not really. There is a variety of amazing hairstyles that are great for those who want to look youthful and sometimes shorter styles are a lot easier to manage and to style! Choose the best brunette hairstyles for women today and enjoy your new looks.

Hair Style Tips For Women

Hair Style Tips For Women

Pixie haircuts for women really have become highly popular today and it’s not hard to see why but will this hair style really suit you? A lot of women don’t think about what’s going to suit them before they style their hair and end up with something they really don’t like! That’s not only a waste of time, but a waste of money too. However, with a few tips under your belt you should hopefully be able to find the right style that is perfect for you! Read on to find a few tips.

Always Find a Style That Compliments You

First and foremost, you need to think about what sort of hairstyles suit you. Now, some people don’t suit fringes and others don’t suit their hairstyles without one! That’s just one example but there are many more. For instance, you might not actually suit a wavy or curly hairstyle and if you spend thousands on the hairstyle it’s a waste. It’s really quite important to ensure you find a style that is going to compliment you in every possible way. You want brunette hairstyles for women that makes your face look less round or long as well as make you feel confident.

Hair Style Tips For Women

Don’t Choose a Permanent Style until You Love it 100%!

Some women think they’ve seen a style they like and are going to choose it for themselves too and set out to get the same style—but that’s not wise! It’s a lot better to choose a semi-permanent style. For starters, choose a hair colour that is going to last a few weeks so that if you don’t like the actual hair it’s not going to be there forever. It’s the same with the haircut; you shouldn’t try something completely different until you are fully sure it’s going to be right for you. Pixie haircuts for women are lovely but some are not going to appreciate them so think wisely.

Try Something New

Sometimes, it’s wise to try something very new and different. For those who want a complete change, trying a style that is very new can be ideal. Trying a new hairstyle or haircut can be ideal to say the least but you have to think very carefully before choosing a new style. You want to look through a lot of magazines and hair dresser books to get some inspiration. Above all else, you should choose something you absolutely love and it’s important to think about that. Brunette hairstyles for women can be ideal but you don’t always have to stick to the same hairstyles, try something new.

Find a New Hairstyle

Choosing a new hairstyle can be very important and it’s something that you absolutely have to think about very carefully too. Far too many people choose a new hairstyle that doesn’t suit them and dislike it. You don’t want to waste money on a new hairstyle if you’re going to change it a few weeks later. That is why you have to ensure the hairstyles you choose are one you absolutely adore. Pixie haircuts for women can look amazing as long as they work for you.

All about the Latest Hairstyles for Women

All about the Latest Hairstyles for Women

Have you thought about pixie haircuts for women? These are only one hairstyle that is a popular choice today but there are many more interesting and fashionable styles today. There are truly thousands of people who are going to change their locks and get a completely new hairstyle. However, what hairstyles are in fashion right now and what’s going to prove popular? Read on to find out more.

The Uneven Cut

Have you thought about how short hairstyles are making a comeback today? It does seem as though more and more women are opting for a short hairdo and it’s not hard to see why. Shorter hairstyles are going to take less time to dry as well as style and they can offer a professional look too which is ideal for most. This is why there are so many people choosing these hairstyles than ever before. Brunette hairstyles for women are fantastic and you are going to be so useful too. More people love the short haircuts, especially since you can opt for angled bobs, the ‘uneven’ cut and many more styles.

All about the Latest Hairstyles for Women

The New Long – The Medium Length Hairstyle

Pixie haircuts for women are great but, in all honesty, they don’t suit everyone. However, medium length haircuts and styles are really in right now. Yes, shorter styles are also in this season but so too far medium length hairstyles. In truth, the medium is the new long! You are going to be able to do so much with your hair and can style it in a variety of ways too. There are going to be so many who are going to love growing their hair long too.

Choosing a New Hairstyle Can Be Simple

In truth, choosing a new hairstyle can be a lot easier than you think and today it’s good to be different! Hairstyles (modern ones) are really quite unusual and very unique which can enable you to get a hairstyle that looks good and that stands out from the crowd. There are going to be so many who are going to adore their new hairstyle and it’s one you’ll love too. You should look at some hairdressers magazines and online to get some inspiration. Brunette hairstyles for women can be a lot easier and, in truth, you can love your hairdos. There are so many people who are going to love their new hairstyles.

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Find a Hairstyle You Love

Choosing a new hairstyle is supposed to be easy but in reality it’s a little bit hard simply because there are lots of different styles available today. It’s difficult to know because one style might seem nice at the time but later the look fades away! You really need to take the time to think about what styles you are going to like and what is going to suit your looks most. There are lots of great styles to choose from and you can love them whether you choose the pixie haircuts for women or opt for a longer hairstyle.

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